Step 2: Choose Your Lists

Using Your Own List

The most important part of your Direct Mail Campaign is your mailing list. Check out our Mailing List Tips for help in maintaining your own list of contacts. All lists should be saved as a spreadsheet, such as an Excel file. Each column is a different field IE: name, address, city, state, etc... Each row is a different contact. The most important thing to remember is that you must put the information in the right column. If you put 123 Elm Street in the State column, the results will be undeliverable. That costs you money and the contact that you didn't reach. Download our sample spreadsheet below to get you started.

Mailing List Example

Download this file to see a sample spreadsheet formatted correctly for a mailing list.

Bulk Mailings are for domestic addresses only 
If you want to include international addresses, they will be mailed with standard first class postage. Please remove all international address from your list and send as a separate file. We can separate them for you for an additional charge.

Database Hygiene
Minuteman Press Database Hygiene is performed on your mailing list every time you send out a mailer. Maintaining a high data quality database is essential to your business success. Ensure your message reaches the intended audience, is delivered to the proper address, and your campaign is on budget with our numerous Database Hygiene services.

Don't Have A List?

Minuteman Press can rent you a targeted Consumer, Business or Occupant list geared directly towards your ideal customer. We can search based on a wide range of demographics including business type, home owners or renters, age, gender, income, marital status, home values, interests and hobbies. Please let us know which demographics you would like us to use and what zip codes or cities you would like to target. For example: Home owners with an income above 80K in zip code 92270.