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Direct Mail Templates

Use these US Mail templates to help in preparing your direct mail postcard, brochure, newsletter or greeting card design to comply with Postal Service regulations and guidelines. Mailing pieces require clear space (free of any design elements) to allow for barcoding, addressing and permit imprinting. This ensures both that the mail piece is eligible for your preferred mail service class and that any content in your piece isn't covered up in the addressing and mailing process. Sometimes it takes a creative design to accomplish your design goals and still be compliant with the mailing regulations. Give our experts a call if you'd like some ideas or advice.

Mailing Service Endorsements Serve You

While the term may not be familiar, the concept should be. Service endorsements are instructions to the USPS on what to do with your mail if it can't be delivered. Two of the most common endorsements are:

Return Service Requested - The mail piece will be returned to the sender with a sticker showing the new address or reason for non-delivery

Temporary Return Service Requested - The undeliverable mail piece will be forwarded to the new address if the recipient filed a temporary change-of-address request

There is no charge for these services if you mail with either First Class option. For Standard or USPS Marketing Mail, (formerly known as Standard Mail or bulk mail), you'll receive the returned piece and pay a First Class rate plus a nominal charge for the service. If you want to reach more of your recipients and keep your addresses updated, these endorsements will serve you well. You must have your own USPS CRID# and Mailer ID# to use these endorsements on Marketing Mail.

Size it Right for the Best Postage Rates

Size matters when it comes to sorting mail with machines. The USPS® has grouped mail into four size types. While there are complex calculations used to determine the size of your mail piece, here are a few guidelines that relate to most business mail:

Postcard Rate - 4 ½ x 5 ½ and 4 x 6 postcards qualify for this postage rate

Letter Rate - at least 3 ½" high x 5" wide but not more than 6 ⅛" high x 11 ½" wide

Large Envelopes and Flats - bigger than a letter but not more than 12" high x 15" wide

Packages - for everything else. If your mail piece isn't a postcard, letter or flat, then it's considered a package.

Thickness and shape also factor into mailing service rates. If you're using an especially thick paper or non-standard shape, your piece may not qualify for lower rates. Discuss your needs with our team to ensure that your design will meet your mailing budget.