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Duplicate Elimination (Merge / Purge)

Duplicate Elimination (Merge / Purge)
Sending duplicate mailpieces to your customers and prospects is costly. Some of the costs involved in mailing duplicates are:

  • Postage incurred by mailing duplicate mailpieces
  • Printing and production costs for additional mailpieces
  • Additional cost of list rental names for customers that exist on your file
  • Negative image presented to customer/prospects receiving extra mailpieces

Our duplicate elimination process uses the benefits of ZIP + 4® address standardization to identify additional duplicates. We offer three standard matching options:

  • One per Person - comparing address, first name and last name information
  • One per Address & Last Name - comparing address and surnames
  • One per Address - comparing address information

We can also provide suppression services and custom matching options, such as: telephone number comparison, account number comparison, and one per company. We are also able to prioritize your lists, track source codes for each list, and keep important customer information that is carried on multiple lists. We can work with you and your mailing lists to provide the service that best suits your needs.