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NCOALink is a product of the United States Post Office® to provide a means for mailers to meet the Move Update Requirement. The NCOALink service compares your mailing list to more than 160 million address changes. When a postal customer files a permanent change of address with the Post Office™, the move is added to the NCOALink database. Change of address information is kept on the NCOALink database for 48 months. When name and address information on your mailing list matches name and “old” address information on NCOALink database, you will receive the new address.

The NCOALink service is an excellent mail list management tool. In addition to performing CASS™ processing on your mailing list, the NCOALink service can:

  • Help reduce the cost of maintaining a list
  • Reduce the cost of mailing
  • Increase the number of pieces that reach their intended destination
  • Reduce the time it takes for your mail to be delivered
  • In most cases, the NCOALink service is the most cost effective way to obtain change of address information. 

*Additional Fees Required for NCOALink