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Suppression Services

DMA Do-Not-Mail Suppress

Responsible marketers match their mailing list/s against the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) do-not-mail database prior to sending direct mail. The Mail Preference division of the DMA compiles a list of people who do not want to receive advertising mail. A person must register with the DMA to be included in the list. Each month, the DMA distributes an updated list to mailers and service providers who subscribe to the database. Matches are based on last name and address.

Deceased Suppress

Avoid the unfortunate and sensitive situation of mailing to deceased individuals. Prior to mailing, pass your list against the Death Master File (DMF). The Social Security Administration compiles the DMF and advises that the file is incomplete and contains inaccuracies. It will not flag all deceased persons. Matches are based on full name and address.

Prison Suppress

Avoid mailing to state prisons, federal prisons and other correctional facilities. Prison suppress flags records targeted to these locations. Your list is compared to over 10,000 correctional facilities. Matches are based on address.

House File Suppress

Omit a select group of customers or house prospects from direct mail by building and maintaining a House suppression file.  Reasons you may choose to exclude a contact from your communication include: a direct request from a customer or prospect, a bad debt or fraudulent status of a company, or you are targeting prospects only and need to suppress current customers.  It is good practice to maintain a field specifying the reason for the suppression. Matches are based on the criteria you specify.