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What is Every Door Direct Mail®?
Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM®) is a program created by the United States Postal Service®. The program enables advertisers to reach every address within targeted carrier routes, at reduced rates, without the need for additional mailing services, lists, or permits. It is ideal for neighborhood mailings and local market saturation.

Do I have to do any paperwork or drop off my mail pieces at the Post Office after I order from Minuteman Press?
No. Our expert team manages all of the paperwork and drop offs for you. Just place your order and you’re done!

Does my mail deliver to every address?
With EDDM®, your mail delivers to every address/mailbox within your selected carrier routes. Y

What is a carrier route?
A carrier route is a group of addresses used by the USPS® to deliver mail in a specific area. ZIP Codes™ may contain anywhere from several to more than a dozen carrier routes depending on the rural or urban nature of the region.

How do I get counts of local mailboxes for my campaign?
You can explore all of the local routes with the USPS EDDM Mapping Tool. Try it here: EDDM Mapping Tool. Each route has a total of addresses listed. After you have selected which routes you would like to use, just send us a list of them. IE: 92260-C001, 92260-C008, 92260-C009 or ask us to help you through the process.

Does EDDM® mail deliver inside of an envelope, magazine, or coupon pack?
No. EDDM® offers are mailed solo. Your offer will never be inserted into an envelope, combined with other offers, or mailed as part of a publication. EDDM® delivers your offers directly to your prospects, resulting in increased visibility and higher value.

Can I use Minuteman Press if I print my own mail pieces?
Of course. Just make sure that you have them formatted correctly. Check out our Templates.

What is the average response rate for Every Door Direct Mail®?
Your response rate will be affected by many factors including but not limited to: your offer, your reputation, local competition, local economic factors, local events, supply and demand, and even the weather. With this in mind, direct mail is an extremely effective way of reaching new prospects. There is no way to predict response rates or guarantee results with any form of advertising. 

Are there any hidden fees or extra charges from the USPS®?
No. The price you pay at checkout is all-inclusive. There are no other hidden fees, postage amounts, or production charges. Place your order and you’re done.

Are there price breaks for large quantities of EDDM® mailings?
Yes. The more you mail, the lower the price per piece. 

Is there an additional fee for custom professional design service?
Yes. Custom professional design service does require an additional fee. 

Do I have to pay the design fee again if you created my artwork for a previous order.
No. If we designed your original artwork for a previous order, we will reprint it for you at no additional charge. However, for updates (such as text, new graphics or images) additional fees will apply. 

How long does EDDM® delivery take after I place my order?
Generally, it takes 2 to 4 weeks from start to finish. As you might expect, your artwork requirements will largely determine how quickly we can print, prepare, and deliver your mail. Orders submitted with print-ready artwork will take less time to deliver than those which require professional design service. By planning your campaign in advance, you can eliminate turnaround issues.

Can I submit my order now and schedule my mail to deliver at a later date?