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Direct Mail FAQ

How can I design my mailing piece to ensure that it qualifies for the service class I need?
The best way is to refer to our Direct Mail Templates They show where clear space (free of any design elements) is needed to facilitate barcoding, addressing and permit imprinting so that the mail piece is eligible for your preferred mail service class. 

What will you do with any duplicate or questionable addresses from my list (CASS Certification)?
On every mailing order we remove duplicate listings and CASS Certify the list, which allows us to identify "undeliverable" or questionable addresses. We generally remove any addresses that are deemed Undeliverable As Addressed (UAA) as a result of the CASS certification process. Occasionally, we will retain some addresses that are deemed UAA but are still deliverable, such as universities or hospitals. Please call if you have any questions or special requests. 

Can you send a clean list back to me?
We would be happy to email the "cleaned up" version of your list to you, or send you the list of the questionable addresses we removed at your request. Just let us know what file format you would like to receive. 

Can you use my mail permit?
No. We are able to mail from our service location using our mail permit. Mailing permits are tied to local USPS offices and may only be used in the locality where they are issued. If you'd like us to address your material and ship it to you, you could use your own permit and mail it from your location. 

What mailing list format should I send you?
The best file formats to send us for your mailing list are either Microsoft Excel or a tab or comma delimited text file.Please give us a call at 760-340-4299 if you're not sure what format you have or if we can use it. We can walk you through getting your address list into a viable file format and uploaded to us. The most common file formats and extensions for mailing lists are:

- .CSV Comma Delimited
- .ASC ASCII text file
- .TXT ASCII text file
- .XLSX or .XLS Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet
- .ACCDB or .MDB Microsoft Access

Once you have your list prepared, you can email it to us at

What's the best way to break out the address fields or column names when exporting or preparing a mailing list?
The minimum required fields are: Name, Address1, City, State, Zip. Optional ones might be Business Name, Address2, Dept., etc. There is a limit of 5 lines for any address which in turn limits the number of different fields we can include. 

Can you insert additional pieces into my envelope, flyer, etc.?
Yes we can do inserting. Please contact us to discuss your particular needs and to get an accurate price quote. 

Do you offer tabbing (also called wafer sealing)?
Any mailing piece that requires tabbing is automatically tabbed according to postal regulations. If you need tabbing but you don't need us to mail your material for you, please call us for pricing. 

Is there a fee for a Temp-Return Service Request?
No, for First Class mailing services. The use of most service endorsements for returning pieces and updating addresses when needed are included free for customers mailing via First Class and First Class Presort, as long the piece includes a return address.For Bulk Mail (Standard Mail or USPS Marketing Mail), we will add "Or Current Resident" after the primary name or business. Pieces will be delivered as addressed and since nothing is being returned, you'll incur no further charges or fees on the mailing. If this will not meet your mailing needs, please contact us for return service or change-of-address options and rates for bulk mail. 

Do you offer mailing services for items not printed with you?
Please call to get a price quote. 

Can you mail to Canada or other non-U.S. addresses?
We would be happy to mail to your foreign addresses. If you have a mail piece that folds, most countries require that it be sealed on all sides or placed in an envelope. All foreign addresses are mailed at First Class rates.. 

What is NCOA (National Change of Address)?
Over 40 million Americans change their address every year. The National Change of Address (NCOA) system uses the USPS database to check for people and businesses that have filed a change of address with the USPS within the last 48 months. Performing this update on a list saves you money on printing and postage by updating a list. Studies have shown that this service can save users a significant cost of their mailings (in many cases up to 15% or more) plus help increase response rates. NOTE: The post office does not forward bulk mail to the new address - they just recycle it. 

NCOA - How it Works
We compare your list with the change orders given to the post office. which automatically updates your list with that person or business' new address. We provide you with this a list of the names with changes and their new address (some change to valid addresses, others change to non-updateable addresses). There is no cost to perform an NCOA clean up. We do charge $25 setup and .01 per name for NCOA list scrubbing only orders. Please call 800-­930-6040 if you would like us to perform an NCOA update on your list.