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Step 1: Choose Your Artwork

Designing Your Own Artwork?
First Class Mail does not have the same restrictions on design as Marketing Mail or EDDM.

Mailing Service Endorsements Serve You
While the term may not be familiar, the concept should be. Service endorsements are instructions to the USPS on what to do with your mail if it can't be delivered. Two of the most common endorsements are:

  • Return Service Requested - The mail piece will be returned to the sender with a sticker showing the new address or reason for non-delivery
  • Temporary Return Service Requested - The undeliverable mail piece will be forwarded to the new address if the recipient filed a temporary change-of-address request

There is no charge for these services if you mail with First Class. If you want to reach more of your recipients and keep your addresses updated, these endorsements will serve you well.

Have Us Design It For You.
Our team of graphic designers can create your next masterpiece or just touch up the artwork you already have.